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19 October 2017

The full report on the Clubs' Half-Year Meeting held on Monday is now available. In addition a copy of the decisions taken on each of the proposed rule changes is also available.  Report  Rule Changes

18 October 2017

Do your bowls need some TLC? Would a bowls refurbish make you a better bowler? Probably not but that is no excuse for not looking after your woods. Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot provide a full refurbishment through Premier Bowls of Stockport. Whether it be a full refurbish, repair, polishing or re-colouring then consider our sponsor to provide that service for you. Similarly remember that League Rules insist that clubs provide certified jacks which have to be retested and date stamped every seven years - are yours up to date? Follow the link to see the full range of bowls and jack services available.  Well Bowled

17 October 2017

The Clubs' Half-Year Meeting held yesterday voted against reducing the bowler qualifying age limit to 60. The vote did actually go 19-18 in favour of the change but failed to reach the two-thirds majority required to enable a rule change. Full report and photos of the trophy presentations to follow.

16 October 2017

I know it is very early but there is a good reason to issue the initial listing of Starred Bowlers. Clubs have to make decisions about how many teams to enter in the League next season and one of the factors they need to consider is bowler availability. For example, a key 6-man team bowler may have become a Starred Bowler for 2018 so is not available all season. That is going to affect that team's ability to field a full team every week. The opposite is also true of course, a 2017 Starred Bowler is no longer starred for next season so allows a 6-man team to include him in their plans. Early notification of Starred Bowlers helps clubs determine how many teams to run next season. That being the case the provisional list of Starred Bowlers for 2018 is now available for each club. It should be stressed that this list will not be ratified by the Management Committee until next March when all the new bowler sign-ons and transfers are known but for now it is a useful early guide as to bowler availability.  Starred Bowlers

13 October 2017

Time for an end-of-season rest weekend. News is drying up so a couple of day's respite and back with a full report on the Club's Half-Year Meeting next week along with the first pass of identifying the Starred Bowlers for every club for next season.

12 October 2017

The Club's Half-Year Meeting will be held at Paddock I&C on Monday 16 October at 2.00pm when a number of proposed rule changes for the 2018 season will be voted upon. A full list of the proposed changes, which include lowering the qualifying age of bowlers to 60 from 62, can be viewed by following this link.  Rule Changes

11 October 2017

The October issue of the HDVBA Monthly Newsletter is now available to all. This edition is a 10-page bumper edition which includes an extensive review of the 2017 season with write-ups on each of our 89 teams. Follow the link to get access to the very latest issue then add your name to our circulation list so that you get an early copy of the November issue and every issue thereafter - they are all free for ever!  October issue  Subscribe & Past Issues

10 October 2017

We have added the final week's 6-man League results to the Fantasy League table to complete the 2017 season. Thank you to everyone who took part, hope you enjoyed it. I still have a small number of £5 Well Bowled Sales Vouchers to distribute to some entrants so will pass these on to your Club Reps next week. You have until 22 December to cash them in. If you rather I posted them to you let me have your name and address and I will forward them.
Table  Contact Me

9 October 2017

The Discussion Board is waking up for the close-season with a Club Rep under pressure because he decides not to consult team members on wider ranging matters including proposed League rule changes. A prospective team member decides against joining that team because of this Club Rep. Reasonable enough you would have thought but another Board member comes to the defence of this beleaguered Club Rep.   Discussion Board

8 October 2017

Three more photographs of greens from Bob Haigh and these all come from the Dewsbury area. Staincliffe, Rock House and Overthorpe are the three and Bob apologises for the absence of artistic interpretation on the Overthorpe one as it was all locked up, access denied and viewing area limited.
Staincliffe  Rock House  Overthorpe  GreenFinder

7 October 2017

I have had a couple of queries about Bowlsnet as bowlers look up their end of season averages. One repeated query is when the number of games played by a bowler doesn't total up with the Wins and Losses of that individual. So a bowler's record can say Played 20 Won 10 Lost 9. That obviously doesn't add up but there is a logical explanation. Where a bowler has been gifted a match 21-0 by a Walk-Over that bowler gets credited with playing the match but does not get credited with a 21-0 scoreline to boost their average. Hence the difference in that total. If you look back over that bowler's results for the season you will find that they had a Walk-Over at some point. I've now added that explanation to the list of Frequently Asked Questions about Bowlsnet which may be worth a visit and may contain a few surprises for some people in how powerful a tool it really is.  FAQ

6 October 2017

The October edition of the HDVBA Monthly Newsletter has now been sent out to all 155 subscribers on our mailing list. If you believe that you are on that list but haven't received your copy yet can I ask you first to check your Spam Folder. It may have been delivered there in error. To avoid that happening in future add the newsletter email address to your Contacts and that overcomes the problem. If it still hasn't arrived then please contact me and I will send another copy out PDQ. You can still add your name to the circulation list (it is totally free for ever) and get the October issue back the same day by hitting the Subscribe link below. Contact Us  Subscribe

6 October 2017

2018 SEASON - 4 (Bowler Transfers)
Any club wishing to add a new bowler to their ranks for the 2018 season should put that request in writing to the League Secretary at anytime. Similarly transfers in or out need to be registered with the League Secretary. We don't have transfer forms but details of the bowler's BCGBA number should be sent to the League Secretary along with the name of the club they are being transferred from. The League Secretary will then contact the previous club to make sure that there is no reason that the transfer can't go ahead (normally only delayed by any money still outstanding to the club) and to ensure that the former club are aware of the bowler's transfer.  Contact Us

5 October 2017

I've received a new team photograph of the successful 2017 Brockholes A team. Thanks to David Sykes for a copy of this record of the Section 2 Champions, Bistro Finalists and Team KO Semi-Finalists. We have also uploaded it to our Photobox account which means that anyone can buy an original copy for as little as 5p plus postage. Your team doesn't have to have had a successful year to get included on the website we are interested in all teams however you have performed this year. Please try and add the full names of all those bowlers in the photo as this makes it more interesting for everyone, not just for now but for years to come.
Photo  Photobox  Contact Us

4 October 2017

The October issue of the monthly HDVBA Newsletter will be emailed to all subscribers on our mailing list this Friday. It is a bumper 10-page edition with a comprehensive 'Review of the 2017 League Season' containing an assessment of all 89 teams. It is free  every month, 12 months of the year and you can still add your name to that list for a Friday delivery.  Subscribe

4 October 2017

2018 SEASON - 3 (Bowler Registrations)
It is never too early to start preparation for the 2018 season and clubs can start now by tidying up their list of registered bowlers. On Bowlsnet the list of bowlers for each club can be seen by clicking on the REG link from the top line menu. Let the League Secretary know of any new or leaving bowlers or think about adding the first names of your bowlers to make it even easier for opponents to ensure that they have picked the correct bowler when entering results and make it more friendly and personable as well. 
Bowlsnet  Contact Us

4 October 2017

My plea last week for teams to send in their team photos so that we can share them across the local bowling community appears to have fallen on deaf ears. I didn't receive a single photo (so far). Still time to let me have copy of you and your mates celebrating the end of season title, promotion, relegation, trophy, survival, or whatever, you don't really need an excuse. We are keen to share these photos which everyone always find so interesting and will continue to do so for many years. Also if you have an old team photo that you can copy and forward especially if you can date it and add any names to the record it makes for a most welcome addition to local bowling history reaching much further than just your club. You will never know how much interest that photo can create until you share it. Contact Us

3 October 2017

Netherton Cons are confirmed as the 6-man Section B Champions after the last round of fixtures this week. A 7-0 home win over Greenhead Park meant they couldn't be caught and they finished four points ahead of Crosland Moor who get promoted alongside them. Skel Windmill were a further three points back in third place as the 6-man season comes to an end with all matters now resolved. Tables

3 October 2017

2018 SEASON - 2 (Half-Year Meeting)
The Club's Half-Year Meeting will be held at Paddock I&C on Monday 16 October at 2.00pm when a number of proposed rule changes for the 2018 season will be voted upon. A full list of the proposed changes, which include lowering the qualifying age of bowlers to 60 from 62, can be viewed by following the link below. Read through all the proposed alterations to League Rules and then lobby your Club Rep to cast his vote in support of your preferences. All clubs should be represented at the meeting. Rule Changes

2 October 2017

The Final League Tables of the 10-Man League season are now online and we are hours away from adding the Final 6-Man League Tables as well. Still one result missing from last week and now that the generous six-day deadline for getting results submitted has passed that missing result is going to cost the club a fiver. The 6-Man season ends today and we will have final resolution on the Section B promotion and title issues. All the results as they come in will be on our Bowlsnet site and the usual banter and build-up on this site. 
10-Man Tables   6-Man tables   Bowlsnet

1 October 2017

2018 SEASON - 1 (Team Applications)
Looking ahead to next season all teams contemplating entering a new team for the 2018 season have until the second Monday in January to get that application in to the League. Applications in writing (email is fine) providing a list of bowlers should be forwarded to the League Secretary by 8 January. Similarly any club that has decided to withdraw a team should let the League know by the same date. If you are staying with the same teams as this year then you don't have to do anything at all as your membership will just roll forward.  Contact Us

30 September 2017

Lockwood Cons have won both the 6-Man and 10-Man League titles in the Lockwood Windows Veterans' League and become the first club ever to lift both titles in the same season. The 10-man team shot to the top of their table for the first time this season after last week's fixtures and despite losing their last match 2-7 at Golcar Lib they ended the season 10 points clear of long time leaders Milnsbridge A who lost by the same scoreline at Cowcliffe. The 6-man team claimed their title this week after winning 4-3 at Farnley Tyas whilst Champions Longwood were surprisingly beaten 1-6 at Shepley A to concede the title to their rejuvenated opponents. The Section 2 title was decided on the final day of the season when Brockholes A just managed to hang on to their slender lead despite losing 3-6 at Hemplow. They beat Thongsbridge A to the title who were a point behind the Champions and a further two points back was Crosland Moor who just miss out on promotion. Linthwaite Hall were confirmed as the team to be relegated along with Canalside A after losing 4-5 at home to Kirkheaton Con whilst Thorpe Green dented Crosland Moor's promotion hopes when beating them 6-3 to save themselves from relegation. Only two points separated the bottom three teams in Section 3 but it was Bradley Colne and Waterloo B who were the two teams to be relegated on the final day of the season. Neither of them helped their own causes with Bradley & Colne only able to field six bowlers in their final fixture whilst Waterloo B were penalised for playing a Starred Bowler in their B team.  Golcar Lib B were confirmed as Section 4 Champions after winning their final fixture 5-4 away at Huddersfield RUFC which sent the Rugby Club down along with David Brown Sports. Denby Dale finished their Section 5 season in style with a 6-3 victory at Primrose Hill Lib B to claim the title ahead of Outlane who are promoted along with them. There is one more round of fixtures in the 6-Man League next week when we will learn the outcome of the Section B promotion and title races with Crosland Moor, Netherton Con and Skel Windmill all retaining hopes of promotion whilst only the first named two can still claim the title.  6-man table  10-man table

30 September 2017

We have our WINNER!! David Singleton has won the 2nd Fantasy League season long competition sponsored by Well Bowled from Luddendenfoot. There is still one week of 6-man results to factor in to the league positions but the outcome will make no difference to the final placings as the top three have all selected the same two 6-man teams. So congratulations to David who beats long time leader David Morrison into second place by seven points with Vincent Cartwright a further 11 points back in third place. With £60 for the winner, £25 for second and £15 for third place all the prize placings have now been decided. The Tie-Breaker wasn't required but out of interest no-one forecast anything as low as the 149 points collected by our Section 1 winners. I must try and build in another prize around the best Tie-Breaker guesses for next season! Hope that you have all enjoyed it.  Table & Commentary

29 September 2017

The October issue of the monthly HDVBA Newsletter is due out now but it's publication has been put back a week so that we can include a full review of the season upon conclusion of the final round of league fixtures next week. If you have not added your name to the circulation list you can still do so to ensure that you receive your early copy. Subscribe now, it is completely free for ever.  Subscribe

29 September 2017


Well it wasn't a big scoring final but the 26 points that David Singleton accumulated ensured that he lifted the £10 Well Bowled Sales Voucher in winning our Knock-Out2 competition. A 26-21 win over Desmond Emsall enabled David to lift the first half of an expected League & KO double. Well done to our winner and we hope that everyone enjoyed being part of another unique and exciting contest of knock-out head-to-head Fantasy Land bowling.
Results   Bowlsnet

29 September 2017

The annual end of season individual KO competition between Inter-District players and members of the Management Committee was played yesterday and ended with Eddie Haigh lifting his third trophy of the season. He beat Dave Pollard 21-13 in the Final played at Paddock I&C. Thank you to Frank Greenwood for photographs of the day.  Photos

28 September 2017

Although we are still waiting for the final last week fixture to be input we can now put the 10-man season to bed. That last Section 3 match saw Champions New Mill A win 7-2 away at Slaithwaite. Those two points for Slaithwaite saved them from relegation sending Waterloo B down by one point instead even though they won their last match 6-3 although they were not helped by being penalised for playing a Starred Bowler in that match. We still have the 6-man Section B promotion and title issues to be sorted but they will have to wait for the final week of their season next Monday.  6-Man Table   10-Man Table

28 September 2017

Champions - Lockwood Con
Runners-Up - Milnsbridge A
Relegated - Shepley and Rastrick
Champions - Brockholes A
Runners-Up - Thongsbridge A
Relegated - Canalside A and Linthwaite Hall
Champions - New Mill A
Runners-Up - Almondbury Lib
Relegated - Bradley & Colne and Waterloo B
Champions - Golcar Lib B
Runners-Up - Almondbury BC B
Relegated - David Brown Sports & Huddersfield RUFC
Champions - Denby Dale
Runners-Up - Outlane
Bottom - Ravensknowle Park B 
Champions - Lockwood Con
Runners-Up - Longwood
Relegated - Primrose Hill Lib and Oakfield T&BC
Champions - TBA
Runners-Up - TBA
Bottom - Brockholes B
6-Man Table   10-Man Table

27 September 2017

Still waiting for the formal result to be input for the Farnley Tyas v Lockwood Con Section A game in the 6-man League but I do know that the Cons won 4-3. That clinches the title for them as Longwood suffered a surprise 1-6 reversal at Shepley A this week. That means that for the first time ever the Champions of the top Section in both the 6-man and 10-man competitions come from the same club. Congratulations to Lockwood Cons.

26 September 2017

Still a number of results to come in from this week's 6-man League programme but one important Section B result has come in. That showed that Crosland Moor lost 3-4 at Skel Windmill in their final match of the season. Those three points being sufficient to guarantee them promotion. Skel Windmill will now almost certainly miss out on promotion as Netherton Con need, at most, eight points from two games against lower half teams to claim the second promotion place.  Table

26 September 2017

I received four correct answers to this challenge and four incorrect ones. The answer was the Golcar Cricket & Bowling Club green. The photo came from Norma Maxwell and she tells me that it is currently an all-Ladies club. The story being that some years ago the men bowlers sought some finance from the parent organisation to pay for a fence around the green to halt the persistent vandalism. They wanted the cost of the materials and offered to complete the build themselves. That financial support wasn't forthcoming so the men, tired of constantly repairing the green, decamped across to Golcar Lib. The ladies remained and have taken over the responsibility for maintaining the green ever since.  Green


25 September 2017

A real tester today with our photo of a local green. Can you name that green? I'm not telling you the photographer's name yet as that would give the game away. One clue - it is still in active use. Send in your guesses.  Green  Contact Us

25 September 2017

The training sessions for new referees are now scheduled for three Thursdays in October in Huddersfield. At the end of the training programme organised by the British Crown Green Referees Society, you can sit an exam to become a qualified bowls referee. You need to attend all three two-hour sessions from 7.30pm on the 5, 12 and 19 October at Bradley & Colne before taking the exam which will be held at 10am on Saturday 21 October. Further details can be found via the flyer link below which also contains all the contact details for further information. Why not print a copy off and pin it on your club noticeboard. You can even attend if you just want to become more familiar with the Laws of Crown Green Bowling and don't intend taking the exam.  Flyer

24 September 2017

Final days of the 2017 season are fast approaching so a good time to capture those team photos that will remind you of the year, friendship, competition and success(?) you have enjoyed this season. Then when you have taken them send us a copy and we can share them with the Veteran's bowling community. It is especially important if you have enjoyed some success this season to capture that team on record but we welcome and will share all contributions.  Contact Us

24 September 2017

Here is a summary of the standings and possible outcomes of the outstanding issues from this week's fixtures in both the 6-man and 10-man leagues.
SECTION 1: Only outstanding issue is who will finish as runners-up with Milnsbridge A requiring 3 points from their visit to Cowcliffe to guarantee 2nd place.
SECTION 2: Two from Brockholes A, Crosland Moor and Thongsbridge A will be promoted with Brockholes A in prime position requiring 4 points from their trip to Hemplow to ensure Section 1 bowling next season. All three teams have final day away fixtures. Thorpe Green and Linthwaite Hall both have final day home games and one of them will be relegated along with Canalside A.
SECTION 3: Almondbury Lib (2nd) travel to play Holmfirth A (3rd) requiring 4 points to edge the second promotion place. However a 6-3 win for Holmfirth could deny both of them promotion and let in Lindley Lib B if they get a 9-0 win at home to Paddock. Any two from the bottom six can still get relegated with the losers of the Brockholes B v Bradley & Colne fixture likely to be the most nervous of the sextet.
SECTION 4: The second relegation place is still to be resolved with either Thongsbridge B or Huddersfield RUFC joining David Brown Sports in Section 5 next year. Both teams have home fixtures with the Rugby Club having a two-point start but the more difficult final day match as they entertain leaders Golcar Lib B who require two points to take the title.
SECTION 5: Denby Dale need three points from their final match away to Primrose Hill Lib B to guarantee taking the title.
SECTION A: Lockwood Con have two away fixtures to complete their season and need 7 points in total to guarantee the Championship.
SECTION B: Two from Crosland Moor, Netherton Con and Skel Windmill will be promoted. The outcome is likely to go forward another week to the final day before being resolved but Crosland Moor's final game is this week away to Skel Windmill with the outcome likely to be pivotal in finalising the placings. 6-Man Tables  10-Man Tables

23 September 2017


Lockwood Cons 6-man team is just one good win away from claiming the league title as they now hold an eight point lead with two fixtures remaining. Longwood continue to track the leaders but it appears inevitable that they will relinquish their title within the week. Both teams won again this week but the gap widened and hastened the moment when the Cons 6-man team could emulate their 10-man colleagues by lifting the title. At the foot of the Section A table the relegation of Oakfield T&BC and Primrose Hill Lib was confirmed after this week's results but we are not any closer to knowing who will replace them as the fight at the top of Section B is likely to go down to the final week of the season. Crosland Moor, Netherton Con and Skel Windmill remain in contention for the two promotion places with the crunch game next week when Crosland Moor travel to play Skel Windmill knowing that three points will confirm their promotion spot. Last week both Crosland Moor and Netherton Con recorded 7-0 wins the latter over Skel Windmill who could well be the ones to miss out in this three-team finale, or maybe not.   Tables

23 September 2017

One more full round of league fixtures followed by a Monday of 6-man results to add in before we will know our 2017 Fantasy League Champion. They will collect the 1st prize of a £60 Sales Voucher to spend with Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot our Fantasy League sponsor. The leaders gap narrowed a little this week so nothing is certain yet and we may well be going down to the wire on this one.
Table & Commentary

22 September 2017

Now time for something entirely different from our collection of local greens. Bob Haigh is preparing for the Winter season and has visited the Indoor Green at Leeds Road Playing Fields to place on record the green carpet there.
Leeds Road1  Leeds Road2  GreenFinder

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