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There are five ways you can submit your official results to the League Secretary.
You only need to use one of these options to submit your results.
Option 5 is the preferred method of submitting your results but the 
other four ways remain open for your use as well.
Option 1. Printed result card posted to the League Secretary.
Option 2. Email your result to 
Option 3. Take a photo of your match record on your smartphone and email it to
Option 4. Use the set of on-line forms from the links below and as used since 2014. See below.
Option 5. Bowlsnet online reporting and updating service as introduced in 2015. See below.


This set of forms are used to allow clubs to submit their official result card to the League.
This On-Line Service replaces your traditional HDVBA Result Card
Just click on the competition you are reporting on and complete the form.
Submit the form and get an acknowledgement that your result has been received.
6-MAN   League Results
    Julie Fuller Trophy
10-MAN   League Results
    Team K.O. / Sub-Team K.O.
 This is the preferred, quickest and easiest way to 
submit your official results to the League Secretary.
This methods provides a list of bowlers for each team for you to select from to submit your result.
The Home team representative should complete the result form.
The Away team representative should verify the result.
First you will need a User Name and Password which will enable you to input results for your club only.
So Step 1 is to drop me an email with YOUR NAME and CLUB NAME.
Send it to or via the Contact Us form.
Don't forget to include your email address so that I can forward your password.
 Once you have received your User Name and Password you need to visit the external
website we are using to collect and manage results.  Go to
 Better still select the 10-Man or 6-Man link from the top of the homepage on this
website and it will take you directly to the log-in page of your competition.
You can then go directly to Step 2 in the instructions below.
1. Find Huddersfield Vets from the grid on the home page. Select either 10 Man or 6 Man and click on it to access the Bowlsnet Service.
2. Click on the blue half-moon round button in the top left hand corner. This is the Log In button.
3. Enter your User Name and Password as sent to you.
4. Click on the FIXTURES button from the Menu at the top.
5. Find the fixture you want to update and click on the ADD button to the right of that fixture. You can only update fixtures involving your club although you can VIEW other fixtures and results.
6. Follow the tips on that page about selecting bowlers and submitting results. Input the full result.
7. Once completed click on the VALIDATE AND UPDATE MATCH RESULT button. All done.
8. Have a look around the Bowlsnet website as you can now instantly see this result updated on the system including Player Averages, League Tables and a lot more.

The home team is responsible for submitting results but there is nothing to stop the away team doing it. Whoever does it then their opponents have to verify the submitted result. To do that access the match, check the scores and bowlers and if all OK click VERIFY. It is the same as signing the old Result Card. If anything amiss then contact the League Secretary as you cannot make any changes online.