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18 March 2019


The Bumper 16-page issue of the April Newsletter will be out early next week. This issue contains the much anticipated team-by-team preview of the 2019 season. Examining every one of our 94 teams chances for the coming season whilst forecasting the top and bottom two teams in each of our eight sections. It is a great aid for all those still ponteficating over their Fantasy League selections. Don't miss your early copy of this issue by subscribing now. Subscription is free for ever.  Subscribe Now 

17 March 2019


The 2019 total prize money on offer for those teams enjoying successful league seasons is the highest ever offered by the Vets League. That total now passes £1,000 with £100 for each of the five 10-Man Section winners with £50 to the runners-up in each Section as well. The three Section winners in the 6-Man League will each receive £70 with £30 to the runners-up. That adds up to a total of £1,050 on offer this season. Add that to the £2,455 prize fund previously announced for team and individual KO competition successes then that makes a grand total of £3,505 to be won this coming season.

16 March 2019


Now that the allocation of the £2,455 Prize Fund for our Individual and Pairs competitions has been finalised it is time to start encouraging members to get their entries in to the six different 2019 KO competitions open to individuals and pairs. Our online entry form makes life easy for you and all entries this year will cost just £2 per bowler per competition.  
Entry Form

16 March 2019


We are still waiting to hear from the printers on a definite date when the handbooks will become available. We are hopeful of inviting clubs to collect them on Monday 25 March but this is still to be confirmed. You will hear it here first when a date can be shared with any certainty.

15 March 2019


The Management Committee had a scheduled meeting last Monday with a wide range of topics discussed. The allocation of a total Prize Fund of £2,455 for our 10 Individual, Pairs and Team knock-out competitions was finalised and is provided in detail on our Meeting Notes page. Lot more topics covered as well with notes of those included in our regular update to members.   Meeting Notes 

14 March 2019


The Management Committee finalised the Starred Bowler ratings at their meeting on Monday. The rule changes this year mean that only teams in Sections 1 & 2 have Starred Bowlers now and these default to the top 3 Singles averages and top 2 Pairs averages per team. Those can be changed if circumstances dictate and a number of those have varied from that base position this year. The full listing of all Starred Bowlers is now available online and a review will be undertaken six weeks in to the season to ensure that all the Starred Bowlers are actually bowling and also bowling to the expected level.  Starred Bowlers 

14 March 2019


It is with regret that we inform you of the passing of John Ashworth a former stalwart bowler of Skel Windmill and former Veteran's League representative for that club.  R.I.P.

13 March 2019


The Annual Raffle Draw has been made with every club buying tickets which all went in to the hat at Monday's Management Committee meeting. The £100 first prize went to Thongsbridge with Meltham (£50) and Holmfirth (£25) claiming the minor prizes. We had also received a huge sack of 500 tea bags courtesy of Yorkshire Tea so fourth out of the hat won that as well and that went to Broad Oak. The full draw being:

1 425 £100 Thongsbridge BC
2 323 £50 Meltham BC
3 228 £25 Holmfirth BC
4 125 500 Tea Bags Broad Oak

12 March 2019


I know that many of you wait for my Pre-Season Team-by-Team Preview (in April newsletter) before completing your Fantasy League entry - very wise! However there is nothing stopping you getting that entry in now and you can make as many amendments to those selections as you like right up to the 2 April closing date. With £120 in the Prize Fund and eight guaranteed winners there is every good reason to get involved. Remember it is completely free of charge to join in and the option to let us make a Lucky Dip entry on your behalf is there as well. Last year the League Runner-Up and one of the KO Winners came from Lucky Dip entries. Get involved.   Full details 

11 March 2019


The online copy of the League Bye-Laws has now been updated to include the changes made at the Half-Year Meeting and the AGM. These are the full set of riules your teams will be playing to in the 2019 season. All the latest changes are helpfully highlighted in yellow to ensure that your team does not fall foul of these amendments. Club Reps and Team Captains should be well aware of all League Rules.   Bye-Laws

10 March 2019


All new teams in our Leagues for the 2019 season who intend submitting match results via Bowlsnet should ensure that they have a new Username and Password before the season starts. Clubs who have teams in the 10-Man League should note that your 10-man team Password will not work for your new 6-man team (and vice versa). Please get in touch and get set up for the new season.   Contact Us

9 March 2019

' THE FIRST 50 YEARS 1970-2020 '
A new record of the Veterans' Leagues will be published at the end of this year. 'The First 50 Years 1970-2020' will commemorate the Anniversary of our Association by compiling a 250-page plus history of our Leagues. I am currently asking clubs to forward me any copies of new and old team photos, old photos of your green and clubhouse and any interesting facts about your club and it's bowlers. Remember this is a history about the Veterans League so other team records will not be included. I am currently working my way through over 8,000 Examiner press cuttings in 3,350 files on bowling collected by Peter Muff and scanned on to computer by John Hodgson. I am also very grateful for other good material already received from Bob Swan, Neil Hinchliffe, Dougie Mellor and Lindley BC. Bob Haigh is updating his collection of green photos for me but I still need more old team and individual bowler photos to make this a truely one-off record of our League. Acknowledgement of any material used will be included in the printed version.

8 March 2019


The 2019 Handbooks are now with the printers but we don't have a delivery date yet. We are running a little late this year with the General Secretary being taken ill mid-production but almost there now. As soon as we have a firm delivery date we will arrange a date and time when they can be collected by clubs. Apologies and thanks for your understanding.

7 March 2019


There is a new Registrar for the Yorkshire CCGBA. All bowlers in our Leagues have to be registered with the BCGBA via the Yorkshire CCGBA and there is a one-off increased fee of £12 to obtain that registration. All clubs should note the details of the new YCCGBA Registrar. It is Steven Cochrane of 'Montrose', Ripley Road, Knaresborough HG5 9BY  Tel: 01423-867820. His email address is

6 March 2019


There is an update on the previous announcement that Skel Windmill would not be playing on their own green this season. The club have since been advised to use the green as much as possible to aid their legal standing should matters get difficult further on. That being the case they are now planning to use The Windmill green for all their Veteran's League matches this season. They currently have power routed via the pub but should that be threatened then they will get their own generator in place, They also intend getting a Portaloo positioned on site. So business as usual on The Windmill green and the League expects all clubs to support them during a difficult time for them all.

5 March 2019



There is a Management Committee meeting next Monday (11th) when the main business to be covered is confirmation of the list of Starred Bowlers for the 2019 season. The provisional list has been on this website since November but now nearing the end of the Transfer window it is time to ratify those ratings with the full knowledge of what it means for each team. The rule change means that only (and all) Section 1 & 2 teams have Starred Bowlers this year. Any club that wishes to appeal against their provisional selections needs to put that appeal in writing to the League Secretary before next Monday's meeting. That should include the grounds for appeal and suggested replacement names.
Provisional Listing 

4 March 2019



The Special General Meeting that followed the Annual General Meeting supported a rule change proposed by the Management Committee. That change was to Match Play Rule 1c) and in essence means that only (and all) teams in Sections 1 & 2 will have Starred Bowlers from now on. Starred Bowlers are only allowed to play for that Club's top team. Where clubs have a B or C team in either of those two Sections they are allowed to play for the A team as well. Starred Bowlers cannot play in the 6-Man League at all. No teams in Sections 3, 4 or 5 or any 6-man team have Starred Bowlers. This change potentially allows up to 75 previously Starred Bowlers to play for a second team in our Leagues.  Rules 2019

3 March 2019



The Skel Windmill teams in the Bistro and Team KO have both been withdrawn as is the normal for them. They have a number of bowlers who play in a Thursday League and as a consequence struggle to field a team for mid-week KO fixtures. That means that Marsh Lib get a bye in the Bistro and Lindley Lib A get through to Round 2 of the Team KO.  Bistro  Team KO

3 March 2019


The green that was featured on the photograph of the five young(ish) bowlers was Outlane as correctly guessed by quite a few of you and we had a few wrong answers as well.

2 March 2019


I am very peased to announce that we have another two Patrons supporting the Association's 50th Anniversary. Bill Blackburn of Lindley BC and Brian Faichney of Canalside have both made donations to the Golden Jubilee Celebration Fund so we are delighted to add their names to the growing list of Anniversary Patrons. All the names on that list as known at 4 March will also be included in the 2019 Handbook with the full list appearing in the 2020 Anniversary Handbook. We look for a minimum £10 donation to join that list and we will continue to update that exclusive members list on this website and the monthly newsletter right through the year. Thank you for all the generous support received to date.   Become a Patron 

Peter & Judith Muff Life Member
David Sykes Brockholes BC
Jeff Jacklin Kirkheaton Con
Philip Walker Lindley BC
Allan Dobson Kirkheaton C&BC
Bob Swan Cowcliffe BC
David Union Outlane BC
Jeff & Ann Smith Meltham BC
Paul Rushworth Broad Oak BC
Ian Crawford Longwood BC
David Blackburn Thorpe Green BC
Brian Faichney Canalside S&SC
Bill Blackburn Lindley BC

2 March 2019


Several correct answers to yesterday's conundrum were received and correctly identifying (LtoR) Peter Read, Paul Rangeley, Graham Howe, Roger Crowther and Chris Squires all of Longwood at that time. A couple of responses also answered the question I didn't ask so I will open that up as well. On which green was this photo taken?  Name it

1 March 2019


Five young team-mates, forty years ago and all now playing in Section 1 of the the Veterans League. So who are the Famous Five and which club were they bowling for when this photo was taken? 
Name them  (Click on the image for a larger copy)

1 March 2019


The March issue of the HDVBA Newsletter is now widely available to all-comers. This 13-page issue is in a new colourful format and contains lots of news and updates about bowling in the Veterans League. It includes a new 'My Bowling Life' feature on Dougie Mellor. Dougie is a Lockwood Con bowler and past President of the Yorkshire CCGBA and the story looks back on his bowling and private life with copy of photos and press cuttings from his collection. Plenty more articles to savour as well. All 26 previous issues of our monthly publication are always available for free download and viewing.  March issue  Past issues  

28 February 2019


At least one mistake in the March issue of the Newsletter that has been brought to my attention. In the article on Transfers it says that 7 David Brown Sports bowlers have signed for the Crosland Moor 10-man team. That's wrong it should be that they have signed on for Crosland Moor 6-man team. My error, sorry about that. Corrected version of the newsletter will be available on this website shortly.

28 February 2019


The entries continue to stack up for the 2019 Fantasy League competition and we have two Sections where we have definite front runner selections. They are in the top two Sections of the 10-Man League where Lockwood Con are included in 19 of the first 21 entries. Then in Section 2 Crosland Moor have collected 12 supporters so far but after that the other six Sections have a wide choice of selections. So are you going with the flow or sticking your neck out with a different top two that will make all the difference in the race for the £120 prize fund on offer. Remember it is completely free of charge to join in and the option to let us make a Lucky Dip entry on your behalf is there as well. Last year the League Runner-Up and one of the KO Winners came from Lucky Dip entries.
Full details 

27 February 2019


The Bumper March issue of our monthly Newsletter has now been sent to all names on our mailing list. If you believe you are on that list and can't see your copy in your In-Box then please check your Spam folder before contacting us for another copy. This 13-page new format issue has lots of news and updates as well as a great My Bowling Life feature on Lockwood Con bowler and past Yorkshire CCGBA President Dougie Mellor. You can still get your early copy by joining our mailing list through a free life-time subscription.  Subscribe Now

26 February 2019

Congratulations to our Treasurer Alan Stephenson on being elected as the President of Yorkshire CGBA. This is a great honour and adds to Alan's history of serving the bowling world at local and County level. Alan was Yorkshire CGBA Treasurer from 2008-16 and was President of the HDVBA from 2015-18. He now faces a full year of appointments around the County as well as leading the organisation through a year of meetings and events in addition to continuing in his role as our Treasurer. Congratulations Alan, well done, well deserved and enjoy your year.

25 February 2019

The March issue of the monthly newsletter will be out later this week. We have a new colourful format with lots of great features including a new 'My Bowling Life' contribution, this time from Dougie Mellor of Lockwood Con. Many other news items as well with all the KO draws, a full update on the Annual General Meeting with more news on dates for two major events in the 50th Anniversary Calendar. Lots of other good stuff as well so make sure you get your early copy by subscribing to our mailing list. Subscription is free for ever.   Subscribe Now 

24 February 2019

Management Committee member Allan Dobson has offered to act as the Interim General Secretary during John Hoyle's absence. John hopes to be able to resume his role later in the year but is going to be absent for a while through illness. Allan can be contacted on his mobile (07974271293) or by email at

23 February 2019

We have had some withdrawals from two of our team knock-out competitions. Both the Elland C&BC teams have conceded their Round 1 ties in the Bistro allowing Crosland Moor and Marsh Utd A to progress to Round 2. Rastrick have also withdrawn from their tie versus Kirkheaton C&BC A. Then in the Team KO the Elland A side have pulled out to enable New Mill A a straight passage through to the next Round. Rastrick also step aside in the Team KO to let Thorpe Green progress unhindered, All withdrawals are as a result of team raising difficulties which these clubs traditionally have for mid-week fixtures with many of their bowlers playing in other Thursday leagues.
Bistro   Team KO 

22 February 2019

Sorry to report the passing of former Lockwood Con bowler John Shaw. John was well known and well regarded in Huddersfield bowling circles and it is indeed sad news for many. His funeral will be held at 10.00am at Huddersfield Crematorium on Saturday 2 March.

22 February 2019

Click photo for larger copy

There was one Special Award made at the Annual General Meeting on Monday when Ken Williams of Slaithwaite received a Long Service Award. This award goes to bowlers who are still active in our League upon passing their 90th birthday. Ken is still very active for Slaithwaite having won 6 of the 15 10-Man League games he played in last season and coming third in his team's Pairs Avearges. The photo shows HDVBA President Alan Hirst making the presentation at the AGM. Click on the photo for a larger copy.

21 February 2019

Two bowlers took the opportunity at the AGM on Monday of making a donation towards the League's Anniversary commemoration budget and becoming Patrons of the Golden Jubilee. I am very grateful to Ian Crawford of Longwood and David Blackburn of Thorpe Green for their most generous gestures. You too can become an Anniversary Patron by making a minimum £10 donation which will be used to fund the commemoration of this milestone acheivement. The current full list of Patrons is updated and below.
Become a Patron

Peter Muff Judith Muff David Sykes
Jeff Jacklin Allan Dobson Philip Walker
Bob Swan Jeff Smith Ann Smith
David Union Paul Rushworth Ian Crawford
David Blackburn

20 February 2019

Many of you will be aware that The Windmill pub at Skelmanthorpe has closed. This means that the Skel Windmill bowling teams can no longer operate from their home green as they rely on the pub for basic services. Whilst hopes are high that someone will take over the pub and bring it back into business the club has made alternative arrangements for Veteran's League matches for the start of the season. Until further notice they will play all their home games at Skel Central. The club intends maintaining their Windmill green in the hope that the pub reopens soon and that they can return to their real home. Whilst all Veterans League games will be played at Skel Central some of their other teams have had to make alternative arrangements and resiting some of their teams at various greens including Clayton West, Denby Dale and Osset. 

19 February 2019


There have been 15 early entries for our unique Fantasy League competition and 14 of those have made Lockwood Con A their choice as the top Section 1 team. All the other Sections are much wider open with a variety of selections so far. With a £120 Prize Fund and free entry for all HDVBA bowlers why wouldn't you enter?  Full details 

19 February 2019


Many clubs have taken advantage of the individual team fixture lists that are now available for all our 94 teams. In fact there are now 52 customised fixture lists available for immediate download and print. Check out to see if your team is amongst them. If it isn't then all you have to do is request one. All free of charge, all part of the service.  Fixture Lists 

18 February 2019


We are delighted that Lindley Bowling Club have decided to once again sponsor our Team KO competition this year. We are especially pleased that they have chosen to do that amongst their celebrations of their club's own 125th Anniversary. They are marking that achievement with a series of events and competitions throughout the year including their own Lindley £2000 Bowling Competition. We are happy to share the details of that with you..
125th Anniversary Programme 

17 February 2019


Once again this year we are delighted to let you know that Well Bowled will be bringing their Pop-Up Shop to the AGM. Please take the opportunity to look through their range of bowling equipment. Well Bowled are long time sponsors of our Fantasy League competition and is run by a dedicated bowler. There aren't many bowls shops around so don't miss out on this opportunity to talk to the man and examine his goods. Well Bowled

17 February 2019

The full 7-match Inter-District fixture programme is now online and opens with a match against Leeds on 3 May. The representative team will also be competing in the one-day Hickson Trophy which this year is being hosted by Barnsley on 12 July.   Fixtures

16 February 2019



We are pleased to announce that Malcolm Gilbert has taken on the role of Captain of the Inter-District Away Team for the 2019 season. Malcolm has been a regular in the away side for the last three years coming top of the team's averages last year winning 5 of his 7 games. He joined Clayton West from Shepley last year. So new captains for both of our Inter-District teams for the coming season and hopes are high that the team will make progress in the competition where we have such a fine record over the years but it is now four years since we last won it in 2014. The season starts when we play the Leeds representative teams on 3 May. The full fixture list will be online tomorrow.

15 February 2019




We are now ready to receive your entries for the 2019 Fantasy League competition with even more chances of winning this year. There are now 8 prizes to be won compared with the 5 of last year as we revamp the format to create additional interest and more winners. We are very pleased that our sponsor Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot continue to support this unique competition. The entry method is unchanged. Select a team in each of our Sections or leave the selection to us with our successful Lucky Dip option. This year of course you have eight Section choices to make. Every point your teams collect goes towards your Fantasy Team total. We have one big table with every entry competing against each other as in previous years. In addition this year we have created three Mini-Leagues based on finishing positions last year. The Mini-Leagues are the Premier League, the Championship and the Conference. New entrants will go in the Conference Mini-League. Prizes for the winners of each Mini-League as well. We will still be running the two Knock-Out competitions during the season with prizes for the two winners of that as well. All great fun. All free for Vets League bowlers. Join in the fun and Enter Now. You can amend your selections as many times as you like before the 2 April closing date.
Full details

14 February 2019



Just a reminder that it is our Annual General Meeting next Monday (18 February) starting at 2pm at Paddock I&C. All clubs should be represented. Clubs need to have paid their 2019 League fees to have the right to vote at this meeting and the Treasurer will be on duty to receive your dues. If you are paying by cheque please ensure it is made out to our full name as Barclays are returning any cheques which are just made out to HDVBA. As usual we will be offering a 10-minute session at the end of the formal meeting to welcome new club representatives and just explain what we expect of you in that role and how we can help you do your job well. 

14 February 2019





When the dust settled and it was clear that we had 64 10-man teams for the 2019 season the Competition Secretary thought all his birthdays had come at once. As 64 is the optimum number of teams you need for a proper knock-out straight elimination competition. No need for preliminary rounds to get the number lined up for a true knock-out but straight in to the real thing. That means that the Bistro features all of the 64 teams straight from the kick-off and we now have that full draw to share with you. This competition traditionally provides the most shock results with its very different format of five-pairs per team and then factor in the team handicaps and aggregate total scoring system for added interest.The Round 1 draw is dominated by no less than 6 clashes of Section 1 teams v Section 5 team all ripe for giant-killing acts. Holders Marsh Utd don't feature in that list but they wont relish the task of overcoming a 28-point start that Elland C&BC B team has over them. The full draw is on this website and on our Bowlsnet website along with the full allocation of neutral greens.   Draw   Bowlsnet

13 February 2019

The top 32 teams from last season all went into the hat for the draw of the First Round of the Team Knock-Out competition and we now have that full draw to share with you. Played in the usual League format of four singles and three pairs but based on an aggregate score to determine the winners. Throw in the handicapping feature for good measure and we have a real competition set up for competitive team bowling. Holders Waterloo have to face Thongsbridge A and there are two all-Scratch head-to-heads to enjoy as well. Did you know that there are two viewing options on Bowlsnet for all KO competitions? You can view the draws in LIST view or TREE view. Click on each one in turn from the top right menu once you have pulled up the draw. Try them out, you can't break anything!! Tomorrow we have the Bistro Draw involving all 64 of our 10-man teams and you can see that draw 24 hours earlier (that means now) by visiting our Facebook pages by clicking on the link in the left hand column.  Draw   Bowlsnet 

12 February 2019





Continuing our release of the 2019 team knock-out competitions we now move on to the Sub-Team KO with the Round 1 draw. This invloves the 32 teams that finished outside the top 32 in the 10-Man League last season. The match format is the same as for League matches with four singles and three pairs although the aggregate score determines the winner. In the event of a tie the team with the most wins goes through to the next round. Holders Brockholes B start the defence of their title when meeting Outlane on the neutral green at Meltham. With the opening rounds of this competition on consecutive Tuesdays, winning teams need to be aware of their Round 2 opponents and neutral venue which are all listed on our Bowlsnet website. Tomorrow we have the draw for Round 1 of the Team KO and this is already showing on our Facebook pages.  Round 1 Draw   Bowlsnet  

11 February 2019




Today we start a week of releasing the draws for the opening rounds of our four Knockout competitions. We start with the Preliminary Round draw for the Julie Fuller Trophy the KO for the 30 teams in the 6-Man League. This is for teams consisting of three pairs who are handicapped based on their finishing positions last season. The aggregate score determines who goes through to the next round with games won being the decider in the event of a drawn aggregate score. Lindley Lib A begin the defence of their title with a difficult looking encounter against Milnsbridge whilst there is just one tie involving two scratch teams when Thongsbridge B meet Brockholes A. Twenty-eight teams are involved in the Preliminary Round with byes for Skel Windmill B and Crosland Moor who will meet each other in Round 1. The full draw is on Bowlsnet and on this website. Tomorrow it is the turn of the Sub-Team KO to take centre-stage although you can see it 24 hours earlier (that means now) on our Facebook pages. Just click on the 'Find us on Facebook' link in the left hand column to take you straight to it.
Draw   Bowlsnet 

10 February 2019




Thank you to Dave Erving for pointing me in the direction of an interesting article on bowling in the Saturday edition of The Guardian. Although it is about Lawn Green Bowling the lessons learnt could equally apply to Crown Green. It covers how clubs across Scotland have started to change their image and utilise their facilities for more than just the bowling season. The link below takes you to the online version of the article which in turn leads you to an older article about barefoot bowling in London. 
The Guardian   Barefoot Bowling 

10 February 2019




As League Secretary I get a number of requests for information which I am happy to share. Often the information requested is already available on this website. So to save future requestors any delays and save my time here is a potted version of what information you can find on this website, all accessed by using the Menu in the left hand column of all 124 pages. 
- Names and contact details of all club representatives
- All the League Rules/Bye-Laws
- The 50-Year record of all Leagues and Competitions
- Notes from every Management Committee meeting
- Copy of every Newsletter since January 2017
- The 2019 Calendar of all rounds of our competitions
- Online entry form for Individual & Pairs KO's
- Team KO draws and results
- Individual & Pairs KO draws and results
- Fantasy League entry and updated tables
- Inter-District fixtures, results, tables, history
- Hickson Trophy fixtures, results and history
- The Laws of Crown Green Bowling
- Address and photo of every League club green
- Address and photo of 98 local area greens
- Every website news item since November 2014
- Links to all our Bowlsnet pages
- Links to all our League and Competition sponsors
- List of League Officials & Management Committee
- List of Life Members
- Link to our Facebook pages
- Club-by-Club listing of Starred Bowlers
- Club-by-Club listing of team handicaps
- Individual bowler handicapping system
- Over 200 team and individual bowler photographs
Does any other League offer such an open and comprehensive access to League business and records? Then of course we have our Bowlsnet website with lots more information about HDVBA bowling records but more about that before the season starts. For the present use the Main Menu in the left-hand column to look around and find what else is available in our records. Read on.

9 February 2019

We are pleased to report a further addition to the list of 50th Anniversary Patrons with Paul Rushworth of Broad Oak signing up in support of our Golden Jubilee commemorations. The current full list of 50th Anniversary Patrons is produced in full below. 

Peter Muff Judith Muff David Sykes
Jeff Jacklin Philip Walker Allan Dobson
Bob Swan Jeff Smith Ann Smith
David Union Paul Rushworth

Thank you for your support with all funds going to help us commemorate this milestone date. A minimum donation of £10 ensures that your name is added to the list which will appear regularly on this website, in the monthly newsletter and will be included in the 2020 HDVBA Year Book.  Become a Patron

8 February 2019

The next meeting of the Management Committee will be at 10am on Monday 11 February. Any club that wishes any matter raised there should contact a member before that date or send their item to the General Secretary. This is also a good time for anyone interested in joining the Management Committee to register that interest prior to the AGM on 18 February, 

8 February 2019

I am very grateful to, and envious of, Roger Crowther for a very different Winter bowling photograph he has sent me. This shows some of the 24 entries in the recent Albufeira (Portugal) Winter Pairs competition. Roger can be seen centre at the back with Alan and Judith Goodyear from Clayton West on the left. Appears a tad warmer than the Penistone photo of last week!

(Click on photo for a larger image

7 February 2019

The latest meeting of the Management Committee spent time working through the construction of all our Sections for the 2019 season along with some other matters all of which are reported within the regular notes of these meetings.   Notes

7 February 2019

It may be the close season for bowling but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening in the Huddersfield Vets League - quite the opposite in fact. Over the 7 days of next week we will be bringing you the first round draws for our 4 Knock-Out competitions - the Julie Fuller Trophy, the Bistro, Team KO and Sub-Team KO. Then in the same week we will be opening up entries for our unique Fantasy Bowling League competition with free entry for all HDVBA bowlers and a £120 Prize Fund. So keep coming back to this website all next week to keep up to date with everything that is happening in your League. 

6 February 2019




Mick Cox of Lockwood Con has been named as the new Home Team Captain for the Huddersfield Veteran's Inter-District team. Mick has finished the last five seasons in the Top 3 of individual averages for Section 1 finishing in first place on three occasions. That coincided with his team, Lockwood Con, winning the Section 1 title for the last 5 years. Mick has been a constant presence in the Inter-District side since he became age-qualified. We wish him well in this new role. Frank Greenwood stepped down from the role last September after many successful seasons. The announcement of a new Away Team Captain is expected to be made very soon. 

5 February 2019




It is that time of year when clubs have to pay their annual fees to the League. Every club should now have received notice of the 2019 fees along with the paperwork for the Annual General Meeting. All fees must be paid by, or at, the AGM. Failure to do so will mean that your club will not be able to vote on any matter at the AGM or the following Special General Meeting. Clubs are asked to ensure that any cheque raised for this purpose should be made out to 'Huddersfield Veterans Bowling Association.' Please do not make them out to 'HDVBA' as Barclays are returning any cheque just including the initials. Save yourself another job by writing in the correct payee from the outset. Thank you.

4 February 2019



It is that time of year when club bowlers like to see their team's fixture lists on the club notice board. Well customised individual team fixture lists are now available on the HDVBA website ready to print off and be added to those notice boards. Everybody expects Somebody to do it, Anybody could do it but probably Nobody has done it. Just do it!   Sample   Team Lists 

3 February 2019

It is that time of year when clubs hold their annual pre-season meetings to sort out who is going to do what jobs over the coming season. So it is timely that one club asked me to publicise again the ode on this topic included in these pages 15 months ago.
Once upon a time there were four people involved in a bowling club named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to do and Everybody was asked to do it.
Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it.
Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.
Everybody thought that Anybody could do it but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn't do it.
And so Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.
The message is very clear though, offer to help out with a job in your club before being asked to do it.

2 February 2019

The tough (and foolish?) men of Shepley Veterans had a two-hour session in the snow at -4C on the all-weather green at Penistone this week. Left to right these hardy souls are Ian Yeardley, Wilf Hartley, David Erving, Keith Hann, John Brook and Elon Sykes. Any more Winter photos to share with us anyone?

(Click on image for larger copy)

1 February 2019

The February Newsletter is now widely available to all-comers completely free of charge. This 8-page edition includes the thinking behind the restructuring of the 6-Man League, full details of the 30 new bowlers registering with our clubs in the past month along with the eight January bowler transfers. There is an update on the Golden Jubilee preparations and lots more news on things that happening in your League. All the 237 subscribers have had their personal copies delivered some days ago and you can join that mailing list just by giving us your email address. Subscription is free for ever.   February issue   Subscribe Now 

31 January 2019

We have had a good early response to inviting people with an interest in Veterans League bowling to become 50th Anniversary Patrons. The list has now reached double figures and we are pleased to list them all below.

Peter Muff Judith Muff David Sykes
Jeff Jacklin Philip Walker Allan Dobson
Bob Swan Jeff Smith Ann Smith
David Union

Thank you for your support with all funds going to help us commemorate this milestone date. A minimum donation of £10 ensures that your name is added to the list which will appear regularly on this website, in the monthly newsletter and will be included in the 2020 HDVBA Year Book.  Add your name

30 January 2019



We have previously reported about a new book being pulled together to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Association. The writing continues and it looks like it will end up with over 200 pages of history about our Leagues. I am now appealing to clubs to let me have copies of any team or individual photographs or press cuttings of your Veterans League history. Maybe you have a photo at home of a Veterans team that you were in. I will be including photographs of every club in our League this season even if it is just a photo of your green but it would be great if it was more than that. Have a look around your club/pavilion walls for those long-forgotten team photos that would add so much to the book. Deadline for new material is the end of July with publication of 'HDVBA - The First 50 Years' being before Christmas. I look forward to hearing from you. 
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29 January 2019



So you have seen that the fixtures are out now and what you want is a proper copy of each of your teams' fixtures to stick up in the club. We are ahead of you there. Customised copies of many of our 94 teams are already available for you to print off directly from this website. If your team isn't listed yet then just drop us a line and we will get on with it next. Take a look at one I prepared earlier to see what you will be getting. All free, all part of the service.   Sample   Team Lists 

29 January 2019




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28 January 2019



The 10-Man League fixture programme starts on the first Tuesday in April. All the opening day games and every fixture right through the season are now all on this website and also on Bowlsnet. The top two Sections have League games on every Tuesday in the 26 weeks between 2 April and 30 September. The other three Sections have games on 22 of those 26 Tuesdays with three reserved for Sub-Team KO ties. The one remaining Tuesday fits in the opening round of the Lower Division Trophy. It is hoped that this Tuesday scheduling will increase the number of entries to this KO competition open to individual bowlers in Sections 3,4 and 5 along with bowlers from the 6-Man League.   Bowlsnet
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27 January 2019


The latest issue of our monthly newsletter will be circulated to all the email addresses on our circulation list next Tuesday. This 7-page edition will provide all the details about the League reorganisation, more details about the plans for the Golden Jubilee celebrations, all the January bowler transfers and a long list of 26 new bowler registrations. There is also news about the Annual General Meeting as well as the Special General Meeting called for the same day. Make sure you get your early copy by subscribing to the free newletter service. Just provide your email address to be first to get your copy every month. Subscription is free for ever. Subscribe Now

26 January 2019


Well the new team application deadline has passed. The structure of all our Sections for the 2019 season has been completed. So all that remains is the unveiling of the full fixture programmes for both our Leagues. The first of those listings can be revealed today as the 2019 6-Man League Fixture List is published. A delayed start provided by the reorganisation of the Sections in to three equal lots of ten teams means that the first matches will be played on Monday 15 April. All the fixtures are on Bowlsnet and on this website.  The 10-Man League fixtures will be available from Monday.
Section A   Section B   Section C   Bowlsnet

25 January 2019


The 2019 fixtures for the expanded 6-Man League will be online on Bowlsnet and the HDVBA website tomorrow (Saturday 26th) followed by the 10-Man League full fixture programme being published next Monday.

24 January 2019