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League Miscellaneous

The Role of a Management Committee member (3 December 2017)
Referring to the Notes of Management Committee meetings will give you some indication of the business discussed and decisions taken but to summarise all that, here is a flavour of the business typically discussed.

   -  agree and monitor Starred Bowlers
   -  receive and manage correspondence with clubs and external bodies
   -  help draft League Rule amendments
   -  decide on disciplinary actions for bowlers and clubs
   -  make Knock-Out competition draws
   -  monitor and agree League finances
   -  make arrangements for management of the Inter-District and Hickson Trophy teams
   -  seek and agree sponsorship of League competitions
   -  promotion of the Association in local bowling communities
The Committee meets about 10 times a year excluding the AGM and Half-Year meetings. These meetings are all held on Monday mornings at Paddock I&C starting at 10am and concluded before mid-day.  Contact Us to register your interest in joining the Committee.


Abandoned Matches - the Rules and Guidance (27 April 2016)

Advice for Clubs in rearranging abandoned fixtures.

This advice has been compiled following the fixture programme on 26 April 2016 when a thunderstorm, hail and snow resulted in many 10-Man matches being abandoned. Our rules do not cover all aspects of such a situation so they have been supplemented with the following guidance to help clubs manage the rearrangement of such fixtures. It is the responsibility of clubs to rearrange abandoned fixtures.

Our rules go so far and provide the following instructions which you can expect your Management Committee to enforce.

THE RULES (Rule 3a)

'Where a match has to be rearranged the date must be agreed within 7 days of the original date and the match must be played within 28 days of the original date. In any event the League Secretary must be informed.'

'In rearranged matches, players having played in other teams on the original date cannot play in the rearranged game. In the case of a dispute, the matter is to be referred to the committee whose decision will be final. Failure to play the game within 28 days of the original date shall result in a £5 fine to both clubs.'

Clubs are also reminded about Match Play Rule 1c regarding player eligibility which still applies to rearranged fixtures.


The following guidance is offered to fill the gaps currently in our rules but it is hoped that the two team captains will agree between themselves a sensible resolution to any issues arising prior to the game restarting.

Clubs are encouraged to restart games where they were at the time of the fixture being abandoned. In some instances where only a few ends have been played it may be more sensible to restart the game in its entirety.

Clubs are encouraged to play the same team as started the original fixture including the make-up of matches. This may not always be possible and in such cases where any new bowlers are introduced into the rearranged fixture they must comply with our rules and not have played for another team on the date of the original fixture.

Where a new bowler (i.e. did not play or was not named in the original fixture) is introduced to the match then their game will start at 0-0.

Clubs not meeting the requirement to play rearranged fixtures within 28 days can expect to receive £5 fines for both teams as per rule.

Any additional advice on such matters should be sought in the first instance from the League Secretary by email at or on mobile 07968 171 197.

We have three Secretaries (18 February 2016)

Why, and what do they do?
The three positions with the title Secretary in the Association all have very different roles and responsibilities. Over time the roles have occasionally been merged together and managed by one or two individuals, currently regarded as three separate areas of responsibility. Lets try and explain the major aspects of each.

General Secretary
Oversees the smooth running of the HDVBA, organises meetings, produces the Annual Handbook, maintains Association records, leads on rule changes, manages correspondence and main point of contact with outside organisations.

League Secretary
Simply explained as the individual responsible for everything regarding the league fixtures, including setting the fixtures, manages the collation of results and currently manages all aspects of the HDVBA and Bowlsnet websites as well as compiling the weekly reports for the Huddersfield Examiner.

Competition Secretary
Responsible for all the Individual, Pairs and Team KO competitions including the draws and fixtures as well as the allocation of neutral greens.

By splitting the roles between three individuals we hopefully make them more manageable and more attractive to individuals whilst also allowing the postholders to specialise in their own areas. Hope that has helped to explain the different roles and inform you as the correct Secretary to contact in the event of any issues you may have over the course of the season.

Current postholders