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HALF-YEAR GENERAL MEETING:  2.00pm Monday 14 October 2019

A short meeting of the Management Committee agreed the prize money allocation for team success in the leagues over the 2019 season. Each 10-Man League Section winning team will receive £100 with £50 for the runners-up. In the 6-Man League each of the three Section winners will receive £70 with £30 for the runners-up. This is exactly the same as last season.

Three actions taken by the League Secretary regarding transfers and bowler registrations were endorsed by the Committee who then considered an appeal from Lockwood Con regarding one of their B team Starred Bowlers. Taking the circumstances into account it was agreed to uphold the appeal and nominate another bowler instead. So Tommy Mosley will replace Graham Stocks in the B team Starred Bowler list.

Arrangements for the first Inter-District games continue to go well under the new captaincy with an early season trial/meet-up of aspiring and seasoned Inter-District bowlers being held at Hemplow on Friday 26 April. A photo-shoot will also be held then as Armitage Leisure will present new shirts to both teams as part of their sponsorship of our teams for 2019. The first match is against Leeds on Friday 2 May.

Next Management Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 13 May 2019

The distribution of prize money for the coming season was discussed with the Treasurer putting forweard a draft proposal. This was discussed and decisions made which resulted in a total allocation of £2,455 to be distributed amongst winners of our Team and Individual Knock-Out competitions including £200 to the new Over-70s Pairs KO. The full allocation for each competition showing the total prize fund, the winner's prize and number of prize winners is below.

Rose Bowl £440 £160 8
Pairs KO £300 £120 8
Over-70's KO £280 £100 8
Over-70's Pairs KO £200 £80 8
Over-80's £180 £80 4
LD Trophy £185 £70 8
Bistro £230 £150 2
Team KO £230 £150 2
Sub-Team KO £230 £150 2
Julie Fuller Trophy £180 £120 2
Members spent some time working through the list of provisional Starred Bowlers for all teams in Sections 1 and 2. The full list was agreed and can be accessed here. Following the rule change this year only teams in the top two 10-Man Sections have Starred Bowlers.

The Annual Draw was made after all clubs had purchased raffle tickets with three cash prizes and a giant bag of tea bags donated by Yorkshire Tea. The full outcome of the draw being:
1. £100 425 Thongsbridge BC
2. £50 323 Meltham BC
3. £25 228 Holmfirth BC
4. 500 Yorkshire Tea
Tea Bags
125 Broad Oak BC

The venues for the two Golden Jubilee events were confirmed as Meltham Bowling Club on Monday 17 February 2020 for the opening launch coupled with the Association's AGM. Then the end-of-season Presentation event will be held at Rastrick Bowling Club on Monday 2 November 2020. Both events will be held in the afternoon with a free buffet provided for all.

The meeting discussed how we can better attract new members to joining the Management Committee and one idea involved identifying particular roles for people to encourage their participation. One such role being as the main contact with our sponsors to ensure that we relate to them better and involve them more in our season. This is to be discussed further but we do desparately need new faces on the Committee if some of the schemes we have in mind are going to be realised.

The League Handbook is at the printers with a delivery date still to be confirmed. The preferred date to be used for clubs to collect their allocation of books is Monday 25 March with a back-up date of Thursday 28 March. The actual date and arrangements will be announced as we get a commitment from our printer.

Next Management Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 15 April 2019

The prime purpose of this meeting was to consider the structure of our Leagues following the closing date for new team applications and team withdrawals, We have lost one team, Marsden Park, through team raising difficulties and had received ten new team applications. All were approved and the task of allocating teams to the correct league structure was worked through.

Three of the applications were to join the 10-Man League. These came from Marsh Lib and B team applications from Hemplow and Kirkheaton Con bringing the total number of teams to 64. It was agreed that the best structure would be 14 teams in Sections A and B with 12 teams in each of the other three Sections. All three new teams were placed in Section 5 with teams shuffling up to result in the decided formation.

The seven applications to join the 6-Man League took the total number of member teams to 30 from last season's 23. The applications came from Lindley Lib B, Shepley B, Marsh United, Longwood, Lockwood Con, Greenhead Park and Marsden Park. There are insufficient weeks in our 26-week season to accommodate Sections containing more than 14 teams so it was agreed that there would be 3 Sections of 10 teams. Committee members agreed that five of the new teams should start in the bottom Section, the new Section C.

Then they considered the three available options of where to put Longwood and Lockwood Con. Both have enjoyed considerable success in this League in the past although both now had 10-man teams as well and both indicated that the main purpose of entering new teams was to give fringe bowlers a game every week. After some discussion it was agreed that both teams should be placed in Section B for the 2019 season.

An appeal against the provisional rating of a Starred Bowler for one Section 2 club had been received and was considered. It was agreed that there was no reason to change that status and the appeal was dismissed.

The appointment of Mick Cox as the new Home Team captain for the Inter-District team was confirmed and it is hoped that a new Away Team captain will be appointed at the next Management Committee meeting.

The draws were made for the opening rounds of all four of our team knock-out competitions.

Next Management Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 11 February 2019

Much of the first meeting of 2019 was taken up preparing for the Annual General Meeting with members discussing the Balance Sheet which the Treasurer worked through in detail. Although there was an operating loss of £670 down the Treasurer explained that some of the items costed should really have their values shared across two years and future benefits would be forthcoming. He tabled a proposal to reduce some prize money to save £100 in 2019 and was confident that this saving, plus the additional income being realised from an increase in participating teams, would recover this year's deficit.

There was a suggestion that entry fees for the individual and pairs KO competitions should be increased. It was proposed that entry fees should be set at £2 per person for each competition. Currently they are all set at £1.50 except for the Rose Bowl which is already £2. It was noted that there had been no increase in any entry fees for more than 5 years. This increase was approved by a majority vote.

Members then spent some time on the wording of the proposed new rule to be presented to the Special General Meeting directly after the closure of the AGM. This rule amendment will do away with Starred Bowlers for teams in Sections 3, 4 and 5. Currently B and C teams are exempt from having Starred Bowlers but as part of this update members agreed that B and C team bowlers from teams in Sections 1 and 2 would still be Starred.

The League Secretary provided an update on new team applications for both the 6-Man League and the 10-Man League. Seven new teams have applied to join the Monday 6-Man League and they come from Longwood, Lockwood Con, Shepley B, Greenhead Park, Marsh Utd, Lindley Lib B and Marsden Park. New team applications had been received from Marsh Lib and Hemplow for the 10-Man League with Marsden Park withdrawing their 10-man side due to team raising difficulties. The deadline for applications has not yet passed but two clubs had asked for an extension of a few days to allow them to complete internal discussion which may result in further movement. The circumstances of each were accepted and the extension approved with the Management Committee due to agree the structure of the Leagues at their meeting on 21 January.

It was once again agreed to invite one of our sponsors, Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot, to have a Pop-Up Shop at the AGM where they can market their bowling goods and services.

The League had received an offer of a three-year sponsoship for a new Knock-Out competition restricted to bowlers over the age of 70 and bowling in Pairs. The League and Competition Secretaries were charged with looking if there were sufficient free dates in the six-month calendar to accommodate the additional mid-week days required to stage the rounds and finals of such a competition.

The Golden Jubilee Sub-Committee has continued to meet and the General Secretary gave an update on progress specifically about the proposed venues for the Opening Event and the End-of-Season Presentation Night. Confirmation of at least one of these should be made to member clubs at the AGM. Funding was discussed and the proposed levy on clubs to help finance the programe of events was finalised and again will be presented to clubs at the AGM. 

Next Management Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 21 January 2019

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