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Hickson Trophy

The Hickson Trophy was first contested in 1989.
The format of the competition has remained unchanged since then and is a
straight knock-out tournament held on a single day
eight representative teams from towns in South and West Yorkshire.
The eight towns take it in turn to host the event which is played on
seven different greens with no green being played on more than once.
The winning teams and captains from the competition's inception are 

Year            Winners                  Captain 
1989.          Spen Valley.             F Calvert
1990.          Spen Valley.             F Calvert
1991.          Castleford.                C Jones
1992.          Castleford.                G Lawson
1993.          Castleford.                J Winter
1994.          Castleford.                R Ridgeway
1995.          Castleford.                R Watson
1996.          Huddersfield.             F C Hey
1997.          Castleford.                R Watson
1998.          Huddersfield.             H Haigh
1999.          North Kirklees.          A Clough
2000.          Sheffield.                  R H Jackson
2001.          Sheffield.                  R H Jackson
2002.          Huddersfield.             B Jones
2003.          Sheffield.                  R H Jackson
2004.          Castleford.                P Holleran
2005.          Sheffield.                  R H Jackson
2006.          Huddersfield.             F Greenwood
2007.          Huddersfield.             F Greenwood
2008.          Sheffield.                  R H Jackson
2009.          Sheffield.                  R H Jackson
2010.          Huddersfield.             F Greenwood
2011.          Bradford.                  T Brockton and K Green
2012.          Huddersfield.             F Greenwood
2013.          Halifax.                     M Griffiths and P Collins
2014.          BDR.                         I Roddis
2015.          Bradford.                   T Brockton and B Hutchinson
2016.          Bradford.                   P Hillam
2017.          Bradford.                   P Hillam
2018           Sheffield                    Mel Hobson

 BDR = Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham combined team