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A Head-to-Head Knock-Out Competition for bowlers registered in the
Fantasy Bowls League using their season-long selected teams.

A straight Knock-Out with
just this week's Mondays and Tuesdays League
 points total of
your selected teams as you go head-to-head with your opponent.
(13 May - 25 June)
£10 Well-Bowled Sales Voucher to the Winner
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Fantasy League KO1


We have 64 entries in the Fantasy League competition.
Each of those entries is now in a weekly KO competition.

Each entrant is drawn against an opponent in a straight KO.
Using your previously selected teams and their total points gained that week.
If that total is greater than your opponents totals you go through to the next round.

Should the scores be level then the Countback Rule comes into effect.
The scores in Section C are compared - highest score progresses.
Still Level? Then Section B scores are compared and so on upwards until there is a winner.


(13 May - 25 June)

Round 2
20/21 May

Ken Baxter v Michael Ralph
Thomas Chatfield v Brian Faichney
Martin Holt v Charlie Bartaby
John Townend v Mel Walker
Tim Poulter v Peter Hirst
Grant Smith v Alan Starkey
Kenneth Broadbent v David Singleton
Neil Hinchliffe v Malcolm Gilbert
Andrew Carter v Ian Hunter
Jeff Smith v Ian Kinloch
John Gatenby v Tom Kelly
Elon Sykes v Colin Wood
David Armitage v Roger Stopford
John Earnshaw v Bob Haigh
Philip Walker v Alan Fawcett
Geoffrey Rothery v Geoff Haigh

 Round 1
13/14 May
Ken Baxter 47   John Beaumont 40
David Morrison 40 Michael Ralph 45
Thomas Chatfield 41 Alan Sharpe 35
Brian Faichney 46 Andy Broughton 39
Martin Holt 41 Peter Swinden 35
Ian Johnson 40 Charlie Bartaby 41
John Townend 35 Mel Hopley 35
John Townend wins 7-0 on Countback Rule
Mel Walker 39 Barry Hinchliffe 22
Tim Poulter 38 John Hoyle 36
David Catherine 38 Peter Hirst 44
Frank Greenwood 34 Grant Smith 46
Jim Baxter 42 Alan Starkey 43
Alan Stephenson 42 Kenneth Broadbent 46
Richardx Thompson 32 David Singleton 42
Ian Boothroyd 24 Neil Hinchliffe 41
Stuart Manson 34 Malcolm Gilbert 47
David Sykes 38 Andrew Carter 42
Alan Hirst 31 Ian Hunter 38
Ray Tunnacliffe 40 Jeff Smith 43
Ian Kinloch 47 Allan Dobson 41
John Gatenby 47 Graham Hall 44
Richard Pearcey 46 Tom Kelly 46
Tom Kelly wins 8-6 on Countback Rule
Elon Sykes 43 David Batley 42
Colin Wood 49 Dennis Birkby 37
Roger Hallas 42 David Armitage 43
Bob Swan 41 Roger Stopford 52
Des Emsall 40 John Earnshaw 47
Bob Haigh 42 David Union 19
Philip Walker 40 Dennis Garner 37
Ian Crawford 47 Alan Fawcett 51
Roger Crowther 38 Geoffrey Rothery 47
Geoff Haigh 44 Bill Blackburn 35


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